With enthusiasm, we are reopening our clinic on Wednesday, June 3rd. We have updated our clinic procedures in keeping with current, best-practices, for mitigating contagions including Covid-19.  In the meantime, if you need supplements, please visit our online store (link above).  If you would like your Evergreen herbs, our clinic, via your practitioner, will order for you and directly ship to your home.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this unfortunate and bewildering time.  We can’t tell you how happy we’ll be to see you!

 2409 Sacramento Street, Suite #2     San Francisco, CA 94115      415.440.7668 (ROOT)

At the root and the branch, we strive to support our clients by providing the highest quality holistic, complementary and integrative care within a warm and nurturing environment.  We are skilled acupuncturists and health professionals.
We know that it is within a healing space like ours that the seeds of change are planted and can grow.
We are located in the heart of Pacific Heights in the Upper Fillmore  (map).